Saturday, December 21, 2013

You shall go to the ball!

A glass of Christmas cheer at The Red Deer
The beer tickers' ball in Sheffield is about to begin.
The event is traditionally held on the last Saturday before Christmas when the city's pubs try and lure even more tickers to the city with the promise of new beers.
In celebration I'm going to be doing some live blogging and tweeting from various Sheffield pubs this afternoon.
Hopefully, the train will deliver me into Sheffield at about 12.30pm and we'll take it from there.
I'll be reporting what's on the bar at various venues in the city centre, West Street, Commonside, Walkley, Shalesmoor and of course Kelham Island.
I'll be posting my progress on here and on our twitter account @aswiftone


Will said...

Sounds great. Will be tuning in from various Hudds pubs this aft. Have fun!

Ale Ambler said...

Thanks, Will.
Enjoy your session in Hudds.
Happy Christmas.
Ale Ambler

wee beefy said...

Hello the AA - if am out and about later I will try and catch up with you, otherwise I'll see you in 2014 maybe. Enjoy yourself either way. Sir Beefalot

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you too. Am Working towards University Arms, Closed Shop on Commonside & Blake at Walkey before heading to Shalesmoor & last leg in Kelham/Shakey.

Ale Ambler said...

Afternoon Sir Beefalot. Kelham Island bound from Walkley. But my phone is dying from all this live live tweeting. Will more than likely b in The Shakey.

Timbo said...

dedication beyond the call of duty...great post..looks like a great day..just jealous !!

Ale Ambler said...

Thanks, Tim.
An enjoyable day out round some of my favourite Sheffield pubs of the year.
Had a few problems with the layout/ pictures on mobile blogger earlier - or more likely the person operating it!!
But have righted them now at home.
Jury is still out for me on mobile blogging.
Sounds like another post!!
Hope to see you next Saturday in Hudds.
Have a good Christmas & look out for Mally's sublime 12 Hops of Christmas if you haven't had it already.
Ale Ambler