Sunday, December 29, 2013

Briggs Signature Ales - The Launch

Last night at 7pm in The Star, Huddersfield's latest brewery launched its first beer, and a couple of editorial staff from 'A Swift One' were on hand, with plenty of others to give it a try.

Briggs Signature Ales is currently brewing at Mallinsons plant at Lockwood, quite fittingly really since Nick, the brewer, works there as one of the Mallinsons team. His first beer under his own brand was the 3.8% 'Northern Soul'.

It was not quite what I expected. But certainly none the worse for that and probably my fault for having a preconceived idea. It was a very well balanced beer, with plenty of body for its strength. Tending towards the mid brown rather than the light, it has a pleasant hop character, and the beer gives a rounded mouthfeel, without one taste dominating at the expense of others.

What happens next I am not too sure but we wish Nick all the best and will certainly be looking out for his beers in the future. Congratulations.


Ale Ambler said...

'Well rounded' & 'balanced' were just some of the ringing endorsements I over-heard during the excellent launch night.
And I can only echo those sentiments.
I liked Northern Soul from the off but it got even better as you got down the glass. It was an excellent session beer, which drank well above its 3.8% weight.
I'm looking forward to more beer from Nick in the New Year.
He is kindly going to tell us more about his plans for Briggs Signature Ales in a forthcoming 'email' interview, which we hope to illustrate with some pictures from the launch.
Finally, a word about the stellar service in The Star.
The pub was pleasantly heaving when the beer went on the bar at 7pm on Saturday.
But Sam, Chris & Jane took it all in their stride and we were soon drinking pints of Northern Soul.
Then just as we thought it couldn't get any better, suddenly plates of food appeared on the bar and it was time for 'DIY' platters!
Congratulations to Nick, Sam, Chris & Jane for another memorable session at Folly Hall.

Jibber said...

Far be it from me to cast a damper on proceedings, but to me "well rounded and balanced" sounds like "brown and beery" - a phrase coined by a former landlord of the Wagon and Horses in Oxenhope to describe beers where, whilst there's nothing wrong with them, there's nothing memorable either, and in fact, they're rather dull.

Of course, I can't really comment, not having sampled the beer in question, but 'well rounded and balanced' sounds like so many entries in the tasting notes of the GBG, where the tasters are racking their brains to try and find something positive to say about a fairly ordinary beer. A touch of the 'damning with faint praise' about it all!

But I'm an inveterate Hop Monster so am probably not qualified to comment on all the subtle nuances, my taste buds having been corrupted with too many Citra, Chinook etc etc hops!. I've even been known (sorry Tim, and other tickers!) to carry around a small bottle of concentrated hop extract, and furtively add a few drops to certain beers, with remarkable results!

However, good luck to the new brewery! Anything from the Mallinson stable can't be bad!

Timbo said...

Jibber - my comment was not meant to be in the slightest derogatory to the was well crafted and a balance of American hops, (a fact which I only realised after writing the script)..It is certainly not an ordinary beer, but one well worthy of its creator and his skills...may be my choice of words was wrong..(but it was the morning after the night before after all !!)

Ale Ambler said...

Evening, Jibber.
Thank you for your comments.
I take your point about the over use of the 'well rounded/balanced phrases' (been guilty of that myself) but on this occasion it was merited.
The Northern Soul had plenty going on in it without any clashes. The elements just neatly dovetailed into each other.
The colour was golden, rather than pale and I think you would find there was more than enough hop action for you in the beer.
The mouthfeel was satisfying and the after taste lingered.
I gather the Briggs Signature Ales are bound for pubs across Wet Yorkshire and hopefully you will be able to try it for yourself soon.
Happy New Year (in advance)to you and all our readers.
The Ale Ambler.