Monday, November 11, 2013

Yeaton Cask Revisited

Having been open for over three years, the Yeaton Cask on Town Road at Kirkheaton is still serving a great variety of real ales. A visit last week using the 262 Dewsbury to Huddersfield bus proved very rewarding and can be combined with pub stops at Upper Hopton, the Flowerpot at Lower Hopton and the Navigation in Mirfield.

Previously known as the Junction Inn, it is owned and run by Jane Robson, who transformed the pub into a pleasant and welcoming place. Jane has run a few pubs in recent years including the Rose & Crown at Thurstonland and the Oddfellows (now the Drop Inn) at Elland and has maintained her very high standards in providing seven exceptional quality real ales at very reasonable prices.

The 3.8% ABV house beer “Yeaton Cask Ale” remains on the bar with the brewery still remaining a guarded secret. On my visit, the ever consistent Wainwright bitter and Nutty Black mild from Thwaites were on sale together with Yorkshire Farmer and the seasonal Jack O’Lantern from Bradfield, Phoenix White Monk and Galaxy from the always superb Mallinsons brewery. Other beers to feature regularly come from the Empire and Goose Eye breweries.

The pub opens at 4pm on Mondays and Tuesdays and at Noon every other day. If you arrive too early just as I did the fish shop does good pre-drinking snap.

Spurn Pint

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Jibber said...

Not sure I approve of this "We're not going to tell you who brews the house beer" approach. Although I'm sure it's not the case here, there is a pub 'over the border' whose house beer changes, depending on what the landlord can buy cheapest. So you're never sure whether it's going to be dark, light, malty or hoppy, fresh or slightly stale!

It's not as though there's going to be any industrial espionage! If Wetherspoons are prepared to say which breweries are brewing their guest 'American' beers, surely a small pub in Kirkheaton could do the same....