Friday, November 22, 2013

Pulp Citron is killed off first

Mallinsons Pulp Citron ran off first 
A beer featuring two hit men has been killed off first at The Star Winter Beer Festival.
Pulp Citron, brewed by serial winners Mallinsons, was the first to run off in the marquee bar.
It was followed by their other beer, Intense, which bit the dust minutes later on Friday evening.
The news was delivered by the @samatthestarinn twitter account.
I was lucky enough to drink Pulp Citron (4.1%) on Thursday night and caught up with Intense shortly before it became a gonner tonight.
I loved the Citron, which, I believe, was brewed with citra and 'pulped' mango. A real thirst slaker, packed with a tropical taste. This is the second mango infused beer I've had this year and have really enjoyed both. I hope we see more.
Intense (3.9%) proved to be a perfect post-work pick me up, which shook me out of my sluggishness and got my taste buds working.
Congratulations to Tara and Elaine on what Sam aptly described as their 'double tops'.
But weekend festival goers, lamenting the loss of two good beers, should fear not as there is still an avalanche of good ale to be had.
Ta Moko, a silver ferned Black IPA
I actually found a dark IPA I really liked. I love porters and stouts but Black IPA is not normally a beer style I go for.
But Hopcraft Ta Moko (5.5%) changed my outlook. It is described by its maker as a South Pacific hopped Black IPA. It was on the 'strong end' of the main bar and was attracting plenty of attention. Nearby is Franklins Black Pudding Porter (4.2%) whose aftertaste sustained me on the long walk back up Chapel Hill.
It really is a festival with something for everyone. We all had our favourites. I heard encouraging words about HDM's Liberty Super Special (4%), both Bluestone beers, the Revolutions and Five Towns Bowie combos, various red/amber ales, porter and stouts.
Whatever your taste in beer is, you'll find it down Albert Street.
Finally, a quick word about Briggs Signature Ales. There is a nice plug/good luck message for it on the back of the festival programme.
'Huddersfield's newest brewery' is currently cuckoo brewing at Mallinsons site just down the road.
It's the venture of Mallinsons collaborator Nick Briggs, formerly of Elland Brewery.
Check out the website and look for his beers, including American-hopped Northern Soul (3.8%) on bars soon:

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