Thursday, November 07, 2013

Hand Drawn Monkey - A Year On

This week is the first anniversary of  Hand Drawn Monkey - it seems they have been going a lot longer than that - and to celebrate they are having their own beer festival at their premises in Wood St, Huddersfield.

I called in yesterday to check out the beers on offer, and pretty good they were too. And quite different. The beers available were all from the eponymous brewery apart from one from the Squawk brewery in Manchester.

For those wanting a decent session beer the new 3.8% 'Super Duper Joyous Pale' should hit the spot. Light and refreshing, but not overly hoppy, I found it excellent. Going up in strength comes the latest in the Monkeys Love Hops series. This was 4.2% and the ninth in the series, containing four different hops. As with previous MLHs it is what it says it is - and does not skimp on hop flavours, (just wish I had remembered to write down which hops were used though after reading about the next two beers, may be you can understand).

It was now time to become a little experimental and see what else was on offer. The first was a 6.0% beer, 'Double Belgian Brown' interesting in its own right, but when the version on offer here was aged in a 'Udders Orchard cider cask, which had previously contained bourbon, you can bet there were plenty of flavours going on, sadly just not to my taste. But my final beer was, and dangerous drinkable too despite its 8.4% gravity. This one was a collaboration with Bexar County, and although my writing got a bit shaky, I think this was aged in whisky casks and is called 'Genuine As Whole' - and be warned it is good !

With other beers to follow throughout the weekend there should be plenty to keep us interested. There is also a selection of new keg beers if the cask ones are not enough - and if you are a CAMRA member there is the usual discount available. Seems like a good place to spend a chunk of the weekend then!

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Ale Ambler said...

'Dangerously drinkable' is a route often well worth travelled. Hoping to call in at HDM between trains on Friday.