Friday, June 28, 2013

Mosaic - the hop monsters view

One of the new hops on the block is Mosaic. I have heard good things about it and I admit I have tried it before but it has been good but never had the 'wow factor', at least not until yesterday.

With single hopped beers my usual go to breweries are Mallinsons and Pictish. Unfortunately people who will remain nameless have drunk all the Mallinsons before I have had chance to taste it, and I have not seen a Pictish version. I have had to wait until I found a single hopped beer in the North East to make my judgement, and just to make it easier, I managed to find two single hopped beers in two pubs within 2 minutes walk of each other. Result !

Mosaic is an American hop, and has been available for less than 12 months, so brewers are just discovering it and finding what they can do with it. It is the daughter of Simcoe, and has been described on one web site as 'Citra on steroids'. This all bodes well for the lover of hop flavours. It gives a fruity, tropical tastes and has floral notes according to another website. 

So what did it actually taste like. The first beer I tried was North Riding 'IBUless', a 4.7% beer offering. I would not disagree with the above tasting notes but I got a massive hit of bitter orange on the nose initially followed by an even bigger hit in the taste. Maybe more of the flavour of pith rthan orange fruit but nevertheless a great taste, and very fresh and moreish. I know Stewart at North Riding does like his hops and has certainly not skimped here. It was hard work to refuse a second one but...

Just round the corner I found another 'Mosaic' beer. This time from Arbor, another brewery who know how to use hops but this one had an abv of 6.8%, and was called somewhat originally, 'Mosaic' !. This was a different beast. It certainly tasted its strength and somehow seemed to have had some of the fresh zestiness of the previous beer toned down, maybe because of the strength, but the deep fruitness of the hop background did come to the fore. It was again a great example of the use of the hop and it just shows how two good brewers can turn two different results out of the same ingredients.

If you do come across Mosaic, and are a hop enthusiast I am sure you will not be disappointed, asnd if you come across it in Huddersfield, in a Mallinson's beer, please leave a pint for me !   


Dave U said...

Mosaic is my new favourite hop! will be trying MAllinsons in the Rutland tonight, they've also just had an Arbor delivery so hoping for that too

meanwhile, we used it our pale Angel of Death last month, and tomorrow it's gonna be 'lead hop' in our new Black IPA 'In The Nightside Eclipse', both of which should appear in Hudds thanks to Tara

Ale Ambler said...

Thanks will look out for them in Hudds.
Had the North Riding IBU less Mosaic in Sheff last weekend and was very impressed by that.