Friday, June 28, 2013

A comfortable place to hang out

Tonight sees the grand unveiling of HDM Beer Shop's post-expansion works.
We've had a few sneak previews of the new room on Wood Street over the last month but it's up and running from 7pm today (Friday).
Owner Rob Allen kindly took a break from varnishing at his Huddersfield town centre bottle shop/bar/lounge to tell about his plans for the new joint. 
It turned out to be quite a wide-ranging chat about his career in beer, cask vs keg and a progress report on HDM Brewing Co.
Picture: Jason Booth

So instead of posting a War & Peace length blog, we will roll the interview out over the course of the next week or so.
First, we will let Rob get down to brass tacks to tell us about the new beer range.  
Rob, 32, said: "There will be four permanent Summer Wine keg lines, four permanent Magic Rock keg lines, a permanent West St Mungo Lager, brewed in Glasgow, brewed to German purity laws."

Picture: Jason Booth

He added: "There will be four other keg lines, using some from HDM and some guests.
"We are launching with 11 keg lines and will be increasing to 15 by September."
"Then we've got four cask lines, which will feature permanent Mallinsons, a permanent HDM, and a permanent Sqwark, a new brewery from Manchester."
Tune in next time for an informed debate about cask vs keg.
To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Be interesting to see if they will still only serve keg in 2/3 pint measures