Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Festival news and a confession - UPDATED

Being rooted to the spot at The Star in Hudds on Saturday, I missed a vital snippet of news.
So engrossed  was I by the conundrum of Steel City's Alestorm "with or without sparkler" that I didn't go an investigate a poster on the noticeboard, something about an MMM festival.
Mercifully the Bloke from Hull, unlike me, never takes his eye off the ball. His email informs me that MMM stands for Mini Mallinsons & Mild Festival.
The event is at The Star on Albert Street, Folly Hall, between Friday, May 24 & MONDAY, May 27.
The Star's Facebook reveals: "Come and have a fab weekend here enjoying some lovely milds and some fantastic special Mallinsons.
"You can also do 'the hop test' and learn all about the 'fantasticness' of the hops you all enjoy so much. Mallinsons Brewing Company girls will be here to talk you through them all.
"Also a little treat for you, we will be open on MONDAY so lets hope the sun shines and the beer flows."
Further down the line  is Monkey Fest 7 between Saturday, July 6 and Sunday July 7.
Personally, the Monkey Club stages my favourite outdoor festival and it is next door to Armitage Bridge Cricket Club, which is a total bonus. We'll have much more on this festival nearer the time.
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Anonymous said...

We are open on the MOnday for our MMM Fest too!!!