Thursday, May 16, 2013

Captain Gingerbead parades at Dewsbury beer fest which begins today

Flavoured beers may not be my blogging colleague's favourite  cup of tea but does he like infusions of gingerbread?
I came across Geeves Brewery's Captain Gingerbread wheat beer recently in Sheffield and loved it.
It had that subtle but distinctive taste of ginger rather than the overpowering "syrupy" flavours we've all had the misfortune to encounter.
I remember drinking a cherry flavoured beer in Slathwaite a few years back and to be polite, it was not for me.
But getting back to Geeves, their beer had lots going on it rather than just one taste.
I don't normally like ginger in  beer as a rule - notable exception Five Towns Peculiar Blue rhubarb and ginger ale - but the Geeves beer really hit the spot.
The tasting notes describe it as "A naturally hazy pale wheat beer infused with ginger. Spicy, refreshing and with a hint of citrus. This is a quirky take on a classic."
And I'm far from the only one who likes it as Captain Gingerbread won best specialty beer at Bradford CAMRA Festival 2013.
Rather than wax lyrical, I'll let the brewers, Pete and Harry Geeves, jointly describe their own beer: "Captain Gingerbread 4.3% is one of our most labour intensive brews, comprising of four different grains, three different hops and 6kg of root ginger, peeled and grated by hand and added at three different stages of the process. However, we think it's worth it!"
Now you can taste it for yourselves as Captain Gingerbread is on the beer list for Dewsbury Beer Festival, which begins today.
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Timbo said...

Despite my misgivings about things in beer, ginger and wheat are two of the things that I think do work...and the combination sounds interesting...just a shame that I cannot make Dewsbury to sample it, and Geeves do not seem to make it here...will have to speak nicely to some local licencees and see what I can do

Ale Ambler said...

Hi Timbo, Yes, I recall you being a fan of Mr Bastow's rhubarb & ginger masterpiece. I was looking for an angle for my Geeves post rather than just saying it was on at Dewsbury, and your informed tirade on coconut provided it. Hope you weave your magical influence on the good licensees of Hudds re: Geeves. Their excellent beers are very popular in The Shakey in Sheff.
See you next weekend,
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