Monday, April 08, 2013

Told you I would be back !!!!

Now those kind fellows at Sky have got my internet working I can be part of the team again, so what has happened since I last blogged. Ah well, have been enjoying the sea air and the beer and pubs on the north east, purely in the interests of updating you fine readers you will understand.

There are plenty of good pubs up here and in time I will introduce you to a few, but today seems a good time to review my frequent trips to the 'Union Rooms' in Newcastle City Centre. It is a Wetherspoons outlet, but one of the better ones, in fact possibly the best one I have visited. It is a stone throw from Central Station, so an ideal place to start a crawl of the city. This is its drawback actually, it does get very busy at weekends with all sorts of weirdos enjoying the party culture of Newcastle. The pub has three bars, all separate and all quite distinctive. The main bar is semi circular and usually has half a dozen beers available. These change regularly, often daily, and are often interesting beers not often seen elsewhere in the estate. This be is usually the busiest bar but a bit of exploration will reveal two more bars.

One is upstairs and commands  view over the next door church garden. It his its own range of beer and usually has three on offer, being different to those downstairs. Downstairs there is another bar, covered by a glass roof, making it very light and airy. Another three different beers are available here usually in a quieter environment than the main bar.

 You are probably aware of the current ,Spoons festival, and can see the connection between that and my frequent visits to the Union Rooms. It is just too good an opportunity to turn down, and just to make it even better every pint on  a Sunday costs less than two quid. It just too good to miss.

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Jibber said...

My only issue with these Wetherspoon's festivals is the number of 'exclusives' or 'beers brewed specially for the festival'. Most of these are actually a bit disappointing and to be avoided. And I tend to think that's true of JDW festivals as a whole. It appears, from their website, that the beer is chosen by a rather corpulent unprepossessing guy called Dave. This man doesn't seem to understand the current popularity of pale hoppy beers, and so many of the festival beers appear to be - in the legendary words of a former landlord of the Waggon and Horses in Oxenhope - "Brown and beery".