Monday, April 08, 2013

Its beer Will, but not as we know it !!

You lot down there are lucky, you can go round to several pubs in the town and from the selection on offer you are able to select a light, hoppy beer full of taste and flavour, it does not work quite the same up here. Oh yes, there is plenty of beer, there is no argument about that, and a lot of it is very good. But where are the hops ?

We have all drunk beer from the North East and complained that is often too sweet and malty, almost in the Scottish style. However, there are plenty of new breweries in the area now and many of them seem to be moving away from what we may call the regions classic taste, to something lighter and less malty. Unfortunately that does not seem to mean hoppy though. May be I am being a little hypercritical, and no doubt some local enthusiasts will hold me to task over this but I have tried lots of the local beers and only the occasional one hits the spot, and to compound the problem, very few of the local pubs seem to have Yorkshire beers on offer.

I am not going to name names but I am gradually working out the better local breweries and getting to know those who I can trust to provide something that may approximate to my taste. But even those which promise hops in their beers name, often seem to fail to provide the goods at the point of sale. And while I am at it, lots of the beer here is excessively strong for a session, with many of the speciality beers often weighing in at over 5%. And still they don't have enough hops.

Anyway, there is light at the end of the tunnel, in the short term anyway, and that first pint of Mallinsons  on Saturday will taste like nectar. But it always does, its just that time away from hops makes you appreciate how good they, and how lucky you Yorkshire drinkers are !!!


festa said...

When in Rome... or go to Brewdog Newcastle. Hops overload including El Dorado. You are not allowed to use the words keg craft or too expensive in your reply. Cheers Festa

Timbo said...

Festa....the problem with Brewdog is thats its just round the corner from Bacchus, which is far more my sort of pub...and has real and k-----g have yet to take the plunge..(nor have I won the lottery to pay for the beer there 1)

WestYorkshireman said...

The Schooner in the shadow of Gateshead stadium has around 6 beers on, I think it has Ossett White Rat on permanent, it was on when I was in a few weeks ago.
All the beers are kept in excellent condition and its a true free house, I"m sure if you make it a regular haunt the landlord would do his best to get some hoppy beers in.