Saturday, March 02, 2013

So English hops can do it !!!

A visit to The Grove yesterday, for research purposes only you understand, answered one of the questions that has been baffling us beer drinkers for some time. Why can't the English make a decent IPA out of English hops ? Well let me tell you, we can. And to prove it I have actually sampled the result.

Ramsgate Brewery, or Gadds as they like to call themselves, brew an IPA every year using the new seasons hops. Naturally, being from Kent, these are East Kent Goldings and this year's beer, obviously using last years hops, is a stunner. I never knew that English hops could give that much flavour but the EKG used matched anything that America or New Zealand can produce. 

'Kent Pale Ale' is 6.5%, so obviously has a fair amount of body, and has a background of pale malt, but the hops give a massive hit, resinous, and juicy with citrus to the fore. For the discerning hop drinker it is a classic and dispels the myth that English hops are second best to imported ones. Get it while you can, before Will and I finish it all!!! 

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