Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Pie Week at The Hop

Those who love a pie with their pint of ale will doubtless be aware that 4th -10th March is national pie week. And with that in mind, regulars at The Hop in Leeds ('shtudentsh' to thee and me) have needed little, if any, coaxing into signing up to a team speed-eating competition at the venue.
Sponsored and judged by Huddersfield's own award-winning growler maestro  Andrew Jones  (right), the rules are simple and involve getting as much meat and pastry down the hatch as quickly as possible in the hope of scooping the top prize - as it happens six months supply of PIES! Oh, and a little cash that might go some way towards funeral expenses.

Now and again I get asked to do some really silly stuff by Ossett Brewery (though never silly enough to involve product testing for some reason), but photographing last night's gluttonous heat stages was something I thought I'd share here.

Many thanks to events manager Jess for my beer and the opportunity to witness an occasion that might just get me taking 'healthy living' a little more seriously from now on.
Turning green and leaving most on your face was frowned on by the judges
Coaching your team mates proved a good strategy 
                            The two handed approach

                             Trying to psych out the pie 

Regurgitation was inevitable - I have refrained from publishing what happened here next in the interests of decency!

The finals of this year's munch-out take place tomorrow evening (Thurs 7th) from six, and if you fancy a flutter - The Piedophiles look hungry!

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