Saturday, March 23, 2013

Its goodbye from me.....but not for ever

Sadly this will be the last post that I write from Huddersfield, as I am on the move. Next week I am moving to Newcastle, or North Shields, to be more exact. And in the middle of the month, when I am internet connected I will become the 'Swift One's' north east correspondent. 

I am born and bred in Huddersfield, and leaving the town and its excellent selection of breweries and pubs will be a big wrench. I have enjoyed every minute of my time researching both, and attending local festivals, ostensibly for information to use on the blog. Nevertheless, there is beer in the North East, and plenty of good pubs as well so I will not be out of circulation for long.

My drinking goes back to the days of the Mews bar at the Pack Horse in the mid 1970's, my discovering of 'real ale' at the Barge & Barrel in Elland, and drinking my way around the 'Good Beer Guide', into the later years when Huddersfield became a real ale mecca, with some of the best pubs in the country, and some of the best breweries too. It will be a strange time. 

I did manage a quick crawl to revisit my favourite haunts yesterday, but was curtailed by the snow. Even so, I can confirm there is still plenty of good beer to be drunk around the town, in a selection of different pubs. So whatever your needs, Huddersfield can provide.

Anyway, those of you who are cheering at my departure can stop. I am not away for ever. I am returning every other weekend to work in my favourite pub. I have made no secret that I am a great fan of The Star, and it has been a great privilege to work there for the last few years, and this will continue as far as practicable. And I can still keep up my passion for Mallinsons beers. So I will still be in contact with the local beer scene and local beers.

If my ramblings on 'A Swift One' have informed, or entertained you over the last four years I have done my job and will continue to do so, and hopefully, a couple more contributors should make it even more current and entertaining. Thanks to Will for giving me the chance to write and you for reading, and thank you to every one who has helped me out, either consciously or unconsciously. I hope to see you soon    


Steveg said...

Go on then....bugger off! See if we care?!!

Actually, some of us will really miss your regular rantings, peculiar takes on beer & pubs and a genuine enthusiasm for excellent beer in the burgeoning ale heaven of Huddersfield!

All the best matey!!


Jibber said...

Tim, you will be sorely missed.

If it wasn't for you, 'A Swift One' would almost certainly have died a death. Your posts have always been informative and helpful, and essential reading for those of us who regularly venture out into the Colne, and Holme Valleys and surrounding area.

Good luck with your life in Geordieland. It's a great area for beer, and hopefully you will continue to educate and inform us about the pub scene up there. It's just a shame it's so damned expensive to get to from West Yorkshire.

Incidentally, if 'A Swift One' becomes 'multiregional' I would be delighted to contribute from the Halifax and Upper Calder Valley area.

But good luck to you. I'll make a point of trying to get down to the Star every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Jibber,, thanks for your comments, much appreciated, happy to have you on board if you want to contribute..e mail me at timjackson97At and will forward details to will...who is the brains behind the blog...see you soon.

Neil Harvey said...

Jibber - it's really not too expensive to get to from west Yorkshire. I regularly travel from North Shields to Huddersfield using the Megabus to Leeds, and then pick up a Yorkshire Train & Bus Day Rover from the Information Centre.