Thursday, February 21, 2013

Whitwell & Mark Pale Ale

Derwent Brewery's Whitwell & Mark series, recreations of beers from the defunct Kendal brewer, have been spotted around our region in recent weeks - though not by me I hasten to add. Until today that is.
The Huntsman in Chidswell, my Thursday lunchtime (re)treat, has a fine barrel of W & M Pale Ale (4.4%) on at the moment and it's proving very popular with locals and visitors alike. My initial reaction was one of surprise though as I hadn't anticipated such attitude from guest pump no.1 (usually reserved for a Bradfield or one of the thinner Acorns).
In great looking crystal clear condition, the taste was gummy and quite sharp with lots of dryness - but to be honest I didn't really get it until about half way down my pint. Then, as so often happens with a challenging ale, everything just clicked - and if it hadn't been for the all day police traffic census down the road, I'd have risked another. In short a very nicely balanced beer with a little bit of all sorts going on - certainly one to savour! 3.5/5

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