Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sheffield gains another brewery

One of the most spectacular breweries that I have ever visited has recently opened in Sheffield, in fact, not only is it in a spectacular setting, it is very accessible too. 'The Tapped Brewery' has recently started production in the Sheffield Tap building on Sheffield Station, conveniently sited on platform 1 at Sheffield station, just the place to call and grab a swift pint whilst waiting for you train home.

The brewery itself is sited in the right hand side of the Sheffield tap, (when looking from the platform), and is visible from the right hand room, so you can sit and quaff your beer whilst watching some kind soul struggle to produce the next brew.

On my visit there were two of the breweries beers on the bar at the 'Tap'; Ale being a 3.5% session bitter, and 'Bullet' being a stronger, (5.9%) offering which I assume will be a single hopped beer. I sampled them both and both had family likenesses, I assume from using the same yeast or malt, however both were exceptionally drinkable, dangerously so in the latter's case. Judging by some of the pump clips around the bar, it seems that they will be brewing, or have brewed other single hopped beers, but when I was there, it was too busy to quiz the staff. Incidentally , if bottled beers, or foreign beer, is your thing then a trip in to the right hand room may be beneficial, with a large selection of foreign bottles on offer there.

Should you be unable to get to Sheffield to sample their beer, the beers from the 'Tapped' brewery will be available at their sister pubs in York, and Euston stations and the 'Pivni' bar in York. 

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