Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Another mad idea - but it works

Those regular readers who will have read my rantings last month, will know that I am not in favour of people 'buggering about with the flavour of beer'. So imagine my horror when I came across a pump clip for a beer from Roosters of Knaresborough that contained jasmine green tea . Anyway, in the spirit of adventure, and because it was there I had to try it. I was suitably impressed.

The beer is not strictly a Roosters beer; it has been released under their 'Outlaw' brand name which they use for their experimental products, and what could be more experimental than this. It is a collaboration between Melissa Cole, the beer writer and the brewery. And for some reason best known to themselves they decided it had to include green tea. Enter Taylors of  Harrogate who provided the expertise in the tea field. For those not in the know, jasmine tea has been around in China for centuries, made from a blend of fresh picked jasmine flowers and green tea, and is the local beverage of the Chinese city of Fuzhou, which stands in the province where the best jasmine is produced. (cue Mastermind question !)

The beer brewing process does have some similarities with tea brewing so that was a good start, all that mattered now was to get the balance right. The finished product shows that the skills of all sides have come to the fore. The beer is strong at 6.2%, a quaffing beer rather than a session beer, and has a pleasant aroma from the jasmine, the tea, and the hops. The taste is likewise a very rounded, balanced experience with subtle hints of each rather than a massive hit of any of them. From starting as a one off experiment, it became a two,three etc pint session. I really enjoyed it. And just cannot wait for the next of the Outlaw range to come out.  

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