Thursday, December 13, 2012

Someone's Listening

And that would be Acorn Brewery.
Whilst polishing off a pint of 4.1% Cracker I was reminded of Tim's Christmas beer tirade of the other day. It would seem that a non-conformist approach is being taken by some brewers when it comes to producing seasonal ale after all.
This rather moreish bitter/lager amalgamate with it's crisp citrus clip is exactly the kind of beer that normally goes into hibernation during the yule. I must admit a partiality to the odd quirky herb concoction at this time of year, but there's no rule that says a Christmas themed beer must have the consistency of tar.
So well done Tim, and to the lads and lasses in Barnsley for listening. 'From small beginnings* come great things' as they say.
Acorn Cracker can currently be found at The Huntsman in Chidswell and elsewhere too I imagine. 
* Reference to an acorn of course... not Tim's brain I hasten to add!   

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Phil said...

Ordered it myself the other day, under the impression it would be something dark and sweet. I liked it well enough, but it left me really hankering after a proper winter beer.