Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hastings - a brewery, not a battle

One brewery that seems to have slipped under my radar, well they have been going since 2010, is Hastings brewery. Starting in September of that year but moving to larger premises in the town in the following year, they have concentrated their efforts selling close to their home town. Their beer first came to my notice at the Star festival last month, but today I have found one of my beers of the year that has come from their brewery.

The festival showcased their 'Blonde' ,'Best' and 'Pale', all very acceptable beers and very drinkable beers, but  their 'Porter' which has appeared on the bar this weekend is one of the best dark beers I have had in some time. It is 4.5%, not massively strong but crammed full of flavour. It is not sweet, like some porters, but there are a  myriad of things going on in it. Roast coffee, chocolate and a hint of liquorice are all there, but balanced with none of them overtaking the others. It is a very cleverly crafted beer. Not thick, but on the lighter side. A porter not just for those long winter nights, but as their web site says,' a true all year round porter'. 

If you cannot get it at the Star, and you'll have to be quick (sorry, Gary) it looks like you may have to get down to Sussex and try it there, it does not travel far from the brewery. I am booking my summer holiday there as we speak!!!

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