Thursday, December 13, 2012

Flowerpot Men

Well it has to be said that the boys from Ossett have done Mirfield it's biggest service since the educating of Sir Patrick of Enterprise with this absolute stunner of a pub. The locals have been crying out for a boozer of this quality for a decade or more and whilst it's taken that long, the wait has been most definitely worth it.
It's been around twenty years since I last set foot in here and I can't recall any of it, but hell if it had looked anything like this back then I might well have settled down in the town of my birth. I've included one or two hastily taken shots here but there will be more to come, of that there is no doubt!
The pub officially opens to the public on Friday 14th and will feature beers from the four Ossett controlled breweries plus a guest or two and a dedicated Fullers pump. Real cider will be available in due course. 


StringersBeer said...

Good news. My Dad used to drink here all the time. I'll make a pilgrimage one day soon.

wee beefy said...

Having only been to Mirfield once, am confused - isn't the Navigation in Mirfield? If so, why have't the locals managed to go there?! its great news that there's two excellent real ale boozers now, but am surprised that the locals have been crying out for a real ale boozer when the Nav is up the road.