Friday, November 09, 2012

You Cannot be Serious...

....but unfortunately they were.

After sampling the beer at the Wakefield beer festival, all of which I tried was brown I hasten to add, myself and Rob managed somehow to miss our train back so with an hour to spare we decided to hunt out a pub to while away the time, and maybe pick up a couple of new beers in the process. Wetherspoons seemed to fit the bill, and with nothing obviously new on offer I ventured further into the pub and found a second bar. There I found this lurking. I was advised by the bartender that it was a 'bit strange'. That, my friend, was an understatement.

I won't embarass the brewery by naming it, or them, but it came from a newish Sheffield brewery, and it was, as you can see, green. Described as the tone of green as dodgy line cleaner by another licencee. Well, one could always hope that it tasted better than it looked. Sadly it didn't. And is up there with the most unpleasant beers I have ever encountered. No obvious taste and sort of slimy texture on the tongue it did beer no favours at all. 

Why any brewer should think that green would be an appealing colour for beer is beyond me. I have had green beer before, incidentally, and it has not been bad.Once you have trained your mind to taste rather than look what is in your glass. This took it to a whole new level. 

The only thing in its favour was the £1 price, and I think that was due to the outlet rather than the brewer, or they were just desperate for some mug to drink it. 

So please, brewers, don't mess about with the colour. Strange taste I can handle, strange colours I can't. And I don't think that I am alone in that. 


Meer For Beer said...

That looks like you have been served a pint of Fairy Liquid.. Ewwww.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you didn't buy an alcopop by mistake?

Tim the younger

Anonymous said...

What?! Name & shame Tim, name & shame!

Timbo said...

For those who want to avoid it, it is 'Wood St Brewery' Devils Walking Stick

The Genuine Beer Blog said...

The whole idea of a green beer is just wrong in the first place, not sure what they were thinking, i would just never go for it so it wouldn't be a selling point for me !!!