Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This is a bit silly....and wrong !!!

Whilst having a quick beer, for research purposes only you understand, in the Grove yesterday I came across a beer that pushes the boundaries of silliness to a whole new dimension. The beer was Raw 'Porter   Giest IPA' (sic) at 5.9%. What !!!! I had absolutely no idea what to expect. What sort of beer was this ? 

It says it is an IPA. Really ? It has the IPA strength but that is all. It says on the pump clip it is a wheat beer. Is it ? I could not tell. The taste was dominated by the taste and colour of a porter. It was a dark beer, and if it had been called a porter and left it at that I would have been quite happy. (well, that is not quite true because I did not enjoy it) but why did the brewer think that calling it both a wheat beer and an IPA would make it more appealing ? It is just silly. And if the brewery wanted to be so descriptive on the pump clip, why did they not spell 'Geist' right ? Raw do other 'Geist' beers and they are spelt right so they have no excuse in my opinion. Not a good idea, not a good beer, and shoddy point of sale,  I cannot say there is much there in its favour is there.  

PS Sorry about the photo, looked ok on phone, a bit fuzzy when placed on blog, before Will makes comment about it !!!     


bluebirder... said...

Was your camera pissed too?

Timbo said...

No, I was absolutely sober... thought I had covered that in my codecil. !! Its all right for those with wonderful gismos..