Sunday, October 07, 2012

Holderness Hotspots

The hotspots in question are pubs rather than wi-fi, though a little info on the latter would have been useful last week as we struggled big time to connect. Modern communication issues aside, the area east of Hull has one or two pleasant surprises hidden amongst it's charmless villages and ever-growing forests of wind turbines.

First up is beer guide regular The Plough Inn at Hollym (below). The pub effectively acts as the brewery tap to nearby producers Great Newsome, whilst during our visit Bradfield Bitter, GK's OSH & St Edmunds also featured with permanent Tetleys completing the line up. Make sure to decipher GBG's opening hours for this place before setting off. If you are fortunate enough to gain entry, the welcome and quality are spot on. At £2.70 a pint, pricing here is good for the region.      

Patrington is a large village and able to support three hostelries, two of which can be found in CAMRA's guide. The third, The Hildyard Arms, is possibly the most attractive inside and out but seems to have fallen under the GK banner with just the IPA available. Last year I could swear we were treated to a decent drop of York here but signs of any recent guests were nowhere to be seen.

Across the road is The Holderness Inn which has York Guzzler on as a perm along with Tetley Bitter and the excellent Wye Valley HPA. Cornish St Austell was also on the bar to add further west country interest but at £2.75 the Wye steals the show here. A varied and very reasonably priced food menu plus Sky Sports complete the picture at this friendly village hub.

Just outside Patrington is the recently refurbished Station Hotel. A very attractive bar area was serving a couple of guests alongside the Black Sheep Best. Both priced at £2.80, Blue Bee Nectar Pale & Saltaire Blonde were available though neither was in the sort of condition we've come to expect. Without exception the lunchtime crowd were supping BS and smoothflow, so perhaps a lack of interest is the problem. Food looked very good here and priced very reasonably.

Finally I've included the Crown & Anchor at Kilnsea as due to it's proximity this was the most used. No guest policy here but a fine pint of Taylor's Landlord albeit at a hefty £3. Tetleys is also available as is a very good and nicely priced selection of hot and cold food. So should you find yourself waiting for better weather or at a loose end and fancy a beer, then Holderness  isn't exactly the end of the world, just the county. 

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