Sunday, October 07, 2012

Girl power does it again !!

No, not those girls . This time I am writing in praise of another couple of up and coming brewsters, whose beers have always impressed me. Wilson Potter are a brewery based in Middleton on the outskirts of Manchester and have been brewing there for a year on a 6 barrel plant.

From small beginnings, test brewing in their kitchens, Kathryn and Amanda have sought advice from other brewsters and been on courses until finally their dream reached fruition last October when they produced their first commercial offerings 'Cascale' and 'Making Progress'. I first became aware of their beers at beer festivals, and was impressed by their 'In The Dark' and 'In The Light'. Both are 4.2% and both part of their core range of five beers. The former, a dark beer obviously, they class it as a stout, with licquorice and malt dominating the after taste, but pleasantly smooth and easy drinking. 'In The Light' is a fruity and fresh light coloured beer, and again very moreish.

In the last year I have come across several of their beers, their website shows 17 in all, and am usually impressed, especially by their use of hops in the lighter beers. Sometimes single hops, sometimes subtlely blended (sound a bit familiar !) they always seem to hit the spot with me. However yesterday I managed to sample their 'Brewers Gold' which is a single hopped beer at 4%. Brewers Gold is a hop often used by brewers and usually results in a fruity, clean tasting beer but their version has taken the hop to a new level. Maybe it was the strength which just added a little more body, or the malts used that accentuated its characteristics (thanks for the tip Elaine) but their version was one of the best beers I have drunk for some time and judging by its popularity and how quick it flew off the bar in the Star, I was not alone.

If you want to try it, or any of their range and cannot find the cask versions available, all their beers are bottled and available at HDM in town. So hunt it out and give it a try. It is well worth the effort, believe me.

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Jibber said...

If you want to try some Wilson Potter beer, it's going to be on at the Salt's Sports Club Beer Festival in Saltaire on Friday/Saturday 12/13th October. There are 14 beers and the theme is 'The War of the Roses'. All £2 a pint. And you can call into the Sparrow on your way back to Kirklees.