Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Further Spooning about

I know readers will have hardly been able to contain themselves since my last post, so here is an update on the Wetherspoons festival. It seems that 'Spoons have used the same approach as they have used at previous festivals and released the range of beers in 2 drafts, so one seems to find more or less the same beers at each venue, give or take the odd one here and there.

Luckily I have managed to find the Liberation 'Rouge', the first beer I have encountered from the Jersey brewery, but I was somewhat disappointed. It was a fairly ordinary red beer, which is not my favourite style either, I must admit. In fact very few of the beers have had the 'wow' factor, many being mid brown and lacking in something.
Admittedly, I have not tried many of the collaborations with foreign brewers which seem to be everywhere at present, preferring to try the efforts of the British brewers. however, one of them that did appeal was the Wadworth/Cambridge brewing 'Heather Ale'. The brewer came from Massachusetts  and for some reason best known to himself used Scottish heather and herbs and honey to produce a very pleasing 4.0% ale which was certainly distinctive and different, and well worth another try if I come across it again.

The only other beer that I would try again was the St Peters 'Fruit Beer' which had a decent strength at 4.7% and a massive hit of fresh grapefruit, and judging by the amount being sold in the 'Cherry Tree' yesterday seemed well received by everyone.

Having said that, the value cannot be faulted, costing £2 a pint for any of the festival beers, even up to 6.5%. So get down and try something different, it goes on until mid November.

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