Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Armageddon has finally arrived

Yesterday's 'Daily Mail' had an article about beer. If you missed it let me paraphrase it for you. What do we consider a 'strong beer' ? Well, personally, anything above 5% makes me think a bit, but I have tried beers on draught up to 14.5%, and lived to tell the tale. But the latest beer, believed the world's strongest, makes that look a boys bitter.

'Armageddon' tips the scales at 65% , thats right, I haven't missed a decimal point. It is brewed by a couple of guys in Aberdeenshire, called 'Brewmeister' and their bottled beer has just been released onto the market. It will cost around £80 a bottle in the free trade, although direct, will be cheaper. 

There has been a recent history in trying to have the title of the world's strongest beer. Twice 'Brewdog' have held it but each time it has been wrested from their grip by European breweries. The latest being a Dutch one  with a beer called 'Start The Future' at a mere 60%. That was in 2010. Now the title has returned to Scotland.

The beer itself is brewed by freezing the beer, removing the water content, but not the alcohol. This makes a smooth beer, obviously massively alcoholic but retaining the basic taste of beer, because the base ingredients are still the same with hops, and malt and yeast. Apparently, and bear in mind I have not tasted it, it does look like beer, tastes bitter with a background maltiness, and is slightly viscous on the tongue. 

As I said, each bottle will cost £80. Obviously a beer for sharing, and savouring. The high price reflecting that around 85% of the brew is discarded during the freeze process. So, if you want something a bit unusual, this could be your thing. It certainly won't be mine, not unless those six numbers come up anyway!!  

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Jibber said...

Let's hope this metaphorical willy waving by brewers (My beer's stronger than your beer!) finishes soon. Much more challenging and sensible is the current attempt to produce satisfactory low gravity beers. I've had a couple this week - Magic (A Magic Rock/Marble collaboration) 3.3%, and Dinner Ale from Ilkley, also 3.3%. both are packed with interesting hop flavours and clearly demonstrate that you don't need a lot of alcohol to create a decent beer.