Monday, September 24, 2012

The medicine man rides again !!

In August 1995, a brewery started brewing in the Abbeydale district of Sheffield. Many names were suggested for it but it was eventually decided that the simple was the best and it became 'Abbeydale' brewery. Patrick, the owner, had a vision of what he wanted the pump clips to look like and recruited Ivan Bradley,  a graphic designer, to bring his ideas to fruition. The clips are always interesting and always have, somewhere, an image that continues throughout the range, of an old arch in some shape or form. You can tell an Abbeydale brewery beer by this alone, even without the name. However....

Ivan had an idea for producing another range of pump clips based on a theme of a wild west medicine man. Initially the idea was to use these solely for bottled beer but Patrick bowed to pressure and in March 2008 their range of Dr Morton's beers started to appear. Since then there have been regular additions to the range, mostly true to the original theme, with such wonderful names as 'Goat Flush' and 'Snake Oil'. The idea being that if they look good on the shelf in the old medicine shop then they will look good on a bar. Not only is the Dr Morton's range full of excellent beers their pumps clips are unique too. Ivan inventiveness in names is shadowed by his invention in explanations for the names on the clips, they are often amusing, sometimes risque, but always worth a read. In fact, they have even become collectors items.  

Lets face it, if you want to call a beer 'Corpse Nailer','Clown Poison' or 'Reindeer Repellant',  (the best ever name for a Xmas beer ) you need some sort of selling point. And Dr Morton's certainly have that. Not only does the sight of a Abbeydale clip on the bar set the heart racing, the sight of a Dr Mortons beer equals that, and gives you a good laugh in the bargain. Occasionally it makes you think as well, it took someone else to explain 'Myar Skikt' to me, and I still cannot say 'Mule Cooler' !!! So if you have never taken the time to read the dark green clips, give it a go, and see what a weird sense of humour Ivan has. Then drink the beer, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

(Thanks to Abbeydale's wonderful website for the information, and if you want to view the full Dr Mortons range click on it and take a look)  

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