Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Randall Your Beer

As I mentioned in the previous post, hopefully The Grove will be showcasing a 'Randalled' beer during Thursday's IPA day. But what is it? This is what I believe from what I have been told and what I have picked up off the web. If I am wrong I apologise in advance.

To Randall a beer is essentially a way of dry hopping a beer between the cask and the bar. The idea was initiated in 2002 by 'Dogfish Head', an American brewery to make one of their beers even more hoppy at the point of sale. It comprised a water filter filled with hops and the beer was drawn through the filter between the cask and the pump, giving a massive hit of fresh hops.
The system was slightly amended during the next ten years and they are on sale commercially for around $400. Not only hops can be used, anything can be put in the Randall to flavour the beer, from coffee beans to Jalapeno peppers or oak chips soaked in Bourbon!
If you do not have a few hundred dollars lying about then it seems that they can be improvised by using transparent water filters and a stainless steel filter bed.
Now you know some of the science, get up The Grove tomorrow and see it in action. 


Festa said...

Seemes like a lot of messin to me. Get your beer in a glass - drink it then buy another one!

Timbo said...

Sorry Pete...think the idea that it goes into the glass after going through the gizmo !!! Sounds interesting to me but I agree it could be a bit fiddly and messy, especially with some bar staff I know !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will take you no time at all to get the hang of the gizmo, Timbo. And think what fun you could have on Saturday afternoons. Get Bombardier on the bar specially for Malcolm, and then Randall it full of hops.

Tim the younger

arn said...

Sounds like a 'hop rocket' albeit with a worse name!

Anonymous said...

the Euston Tap had one for their Day of the IPA and you connect it to the pump.As i remember it they dry hopped Thornbridge -Jaipur which was pretty way to tell if it added anything to the beer.cheers john

Anonymous said...

Warning to mature drinkers and those of a sensitive disposition: the following comment includes strong language; specifically the K word.

I am told Brian's latest beer will be 'randalled' with a succession of different hops throughout the evening. A new quibbling point for anoraks (sorry, beer connoisseurs). Can you get two or more ticks out of a single keg of beer?

Tim the younger