Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hop Studio Blonde

Launched in May this year, The Hop Studio Brewery of Elvington near York has been getting great press from those lucky enough to sample it's wares. It's taken me until this lunchtime to get on the receiving end, and I'm more than a little impressed.

The 3.5% Blonde is simply stunning, being incredibly light and refreshing yet brimful of tangy bitter hop taste with plenty of residual for a beer of this strength. I'm used to the likes of Abbeydale, Bradfield and Acorn accompanying my chicken and chips on a Thursday, so it takes something pretty special to grab my attention.

Knowing next to nothing about this new outfit (the website is in coming soon mode), there's little more I can add at this time, suffice to say that if you spot the distinctive logo on a bar near you, don't be shy! 

Hop Studio Blonde is currently guesting at The Huntsman in Chidswell near Ossett.         


Timbo said...

Just goes to show that great beer not only comes from West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire are getting their act together too...had some in York a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed. but never seen it in our part of the world before

Anonymous said...

Elvington was, is and always will be in the East Riding. The "counties" of West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire etc. are bureaucratic inventions, of relevance to no one but politicians.

By the way the Blonde is good. In the Swan beer garden on a recent miraculously sunny York evening it went down a treat.

Tim the younger

Aliain said...

Elvington is in North Yorkshire, like Huddersfield is in West Yorkshire, Sheffield in South Yorkshire and Uppermill in Greater Manchester, the Ridings no longer exist. I'm sure no one in Harrogate still claims to be from the West Riding of Yorkshire. Calais is now in France. Things change.
See you in't pub.