Thursday, July 26, 2012

A really useful app.

I know I am probably talking to the converted but I have recently come across a website that is almost as useful as 'A Swift One' so I thought the fairest thing would be to share my experiences with you, and see what you thought.

The site is called 'RateBeer' and has world wide coverage. It gives the reader chance to give the beer that he has drunk a score based on taste, colour and appearance, and then give a brief explanation of his scores. Of course this is very subjective, and a few of the beers I checked give them widely different scores. So I would take this part of the site with a pinch of salt.

Where I have found the site useful is that I does give lists of breweries, lists of beers they produce and lists of pubs. It is obviously not definitive, and not every brewery, nor every beer or pub is included but it does contain a large number and helps out when you 'tick' a beer but due to some unforeseen circumstance you cannot read your writing !

Searching on a county brings a list if towns and then searching deeper brings a list of pubs within that town with brief details and the odd review. There are scores for each pub but again these are subjective   and do not accurately reflect the needs of the individual drinker in my opinion. But notwithstanding that it is a useful tool for finding pubs in a new area.

Not only that - the site come with a downloadable app. So that  you can carry all this information about with you wherever you may be, and check out pubs and beer whilst on the go. Now that is something I have found a really useful piece of kit to have. 

Give it a go, see what you think...    


Tandleman said...

Have you been spammed?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the list of their top 50 beers? 30 of them are imperial stouts, and most of the rest are barley wines, double IPAs and strong Belgian ales.

No wonder then that amongst the 10 or so beers from this side of the Atlantic none are British. Suggest to these guys that you could find a delicious beer with an abv of around 4% and they would probably die of shock.

Tim the younger.

Jibber said...

There's something funny here. The top 50 English beers appear to be either Stouts, Barley Wine or generally high strength 'speciality' beers. Where are the everyday beers we all know and love!

Timbo said...

Firstly, I found out about the site from a fellow ticker, so 'I was mot spammed' !!!
Secondly, I do think the site is subjective in the way it is set up..being worldwide does not really help either...the ratings are obviously subjective too and likewise the lists of the'best' beers in each category.
What I find useful is the list of pubs and the up to date list of beers included, which I find more useful than the 'Good Beer Guide' and, with the phone app easier to carry about. It is not perfect but better than most

Anonymous said...

I hadn't realised there was an English top 50. As Jibber points out, it is yet another list of potent bottled beers. I get the feeling that the folk who contribute regularly to Ratebeer don't get to the pub much.

I do like quite a few of the beers on the list, and I try to make time now and again to sup stuff I can only get in bottles. However there is nothing to beat a few hours in the pub with good company and a really great British session beer: Jarl, Moor Top, Windermere Pale...

Looking at the US list, it is clear that the world of avant garde brewing is now beyond parody. No satirist could invent anything to rival 'Three Floyds vanilla bean bourbon barrel aged Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout'.

Tim the younger