Friday, June 08, 2012

Blackjack brewery - success on the cards ?

A couple of weeks ago I heard about a new brewery that had opened in Manchester, and was intending a trip over there to see if I could track some down. However those nice people at the Grove managed to beat me to it and some has appeared this week on the bar there, and pretty good it is too.

The history of the Blackjack brewery is tied to the Marble brewery, from where the 4.5 barrel plant originated, and it has been set up in Gould St, Manchester, a stones throw from the Marble Arch. The brewer is Rob Hamilton, who cut his teeth at the Marble.

Beers started to appear in the brewery's home city and from what I read seemed to be getting a good reception from those in the know, tasting something like Marble beers, not unsurprisingly. But what did I think of the couple I have managed to try.

The first one was a 3.9% offering. Shuffled Deck.Light and pleasantly hoppy, in fact far better than any of the Marble beers I have recently come across, and somewhat moreish. It was obvious that the brewer knew his business, and the beer had none of the tastes sometimes associated with new breweries. I was impressed,  to say the least. Since then I have come across another of their beers on the bar, this time 5.5% Aces High.Again a pleasant light beer, and with a good hop balance, with more body than the first I tasted, but drinking no where near its strength, it slipped down far too easily.

So should you come across their distinctive pump clip on a bar, with a couple of playing cards on it. Give the beer a go, I think you will be impressed too.  


Anonymous said...

Blackjack brewery isn't tied to Marble brewery, although as you state there are several links to it.


John Clarke said...

Aces High won the "Best Newcomer" award at last weekend's Stockport Beer & Cider Festival

Timbo said...

Stuart...sorry if I gave the impression that the brewery was tied to Marble...I meant it to read that the history of the brewery was tied to Marble..