Friday, May 04, 2012

OBE Club

Many will be familiar with established breweries awarding their own marque of excellence to pubs they consider the perfect outlet for their produce. Black Sheep, Timothy Taylors and Fullers for example have all recognised those houses where their beer has been consistently good, and the ensuing publicity has been mutually beneficial.

Now local producers Ossett have decided to take this approach one step further by launching the Ossett Brewery Excellence Club. As well as receiving the 'OBE', pubs will also have the opportunity to sell an exclusive series of beers only available to club members. 

We imagine that all Ossett's pubs and clubs will be automatically awarded the honour, so if you're local then tracking these limited editions down shouldn't be a problem. For those not so lucky, the brewery website  keeps a list of the pubs so far bestowed. 

The first 'OBE one'* is King Offa (4.3%) and is out and about now featuring a heavy dose of the Santiam hop - a brewery favourite and possibly their most successful ingredient. By the time you read this, The Shepherds Boy in Dewsbury should be serving it (check Facebook for confirmation though) and we understand it's at The Rat & Ratchet (Hudds) and White Horse (Emley) too.

*A rather rubbish Star Wars pun but thoroughly merited on this very special day.
May The Fourth Be With You!

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