Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Now here's a festival you did not expect!!

One of the town pubs that I often overlook is The Crown on Westgate, just below the bus station, a good place to catch your breath after walking from the Railway Station. It is always busy, even mid afternoon, and although difficult to get a seat sometimes the service is always swift and comes with a smile.

I called in today because a little whisper told me there were some different beers on to their usual fayre. There are usually six beers available, reasonably priced and kept in good nick, but fairly standard stuff. This time I was a bit gob-smacked. There were six, admittedly all from the Marstons stable, but at least three were new to me. At £2.25 a pint, it was well worth a call - even better when I realised two were from the Marstons single hop range, and another seasonal from Jennings.

A couple of Banks' beers and a further Marstons made up the bar. An hour well spent and somewhere I will definitely call again. The only drawback being that there was no evidence of a festival list, or a time span for the festival, so it will be a case of hit and miss. I will keep you posted.  

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