Saturday, May 12, 2012

Calypso - another new hop to try

As regular readers know, one of the things I like to try are single hopped beers, and should those beers be made with a new variety of hop the pleasure is doubly increased. Yesterday, to make up for the disappointment of the previous post, I came across one such beer, made by one of my favourite breweries. It was a win-win situation.

Pictish 'Calypso' is a 4.2% beer, light coloured, and with subtle rather than aggressive hop flavour. I had been told by someone who has had another brewery's take on the beer that it had an almost overpowering taste of mandarin, but I did not experience this, whether that being down to Pictish's brewing skills or the use of a different amount of hops I cannot really be sure. My first impression was more of apples or pears in the background, and a pleasant tang of citrus on the tongue. For a hop fairly high in alpha acids (12% or thereabouts), it was not especially bitter or astringent. Other flavours did come through during my pint, mostly fruit flavours but difficult to distinguish. It is an American hop, derived from Nugget and another hop whose name eludes me at present.

So should new hops be your thing, keep a look out for it. The Pictish version is available in the Rat at present and another barrel is in the cellar at the Star, and no doubt other breweries will find it and try it. At first try it seems a winner, but only time will tell.

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