Monday, April 30, 2012

Get yourself a Gadds

One of the breweries we are fortunate to have a regular outlet for in Huddersfield is Ramsgate, otherwise known as 'Gadds' whose beers can regularly be found at the Grove, and who have a pump dedicated to their beer. There is always one of the brewery's beers available on the bar, whether it be one of their regular range or one of the frequent specials they produce.

Ramsgate are one of those breweries who can turn their hand to anything, from light and hoppy, to dark and malty - their regular range covering five beers. No3, No5, and No7 being bitters of varying strengths and styles, Dogbolter is a porter based on the old Firkin recipe, and Seasider is an amber ale. However it is their more infrequent beers that especially hit the spot with me.

Whether it be their 'Green Hop' ale, 4.8% and with a massive fresh hop taste, from the new seasons hops or their smooth and rich 4.6% 'Oatmeal Stout' every beer brings something new. They have attempted a Scottish style 80/-, a Soviet style Russian stout at 8% and packed with flavour, and several takes on American style IPAs. Each one is different, but each one maintains the quality I have come to expect from the brewery.

Never afraid to think outside the box, Eddie Gadd and the team use all sorts of different hops, from the traditional Kentish varieties to more exotic styles, making everything from 'Oyster Stouts' to lager beer using German Noble hops. American 'Cascade' dominates their 'She Sells Sea Shells',  and the blackberry flavours of 'Bramling Cross' come through in 'Rye PA'.

Likewise malts are not overlooked with all sorts of different types and styles bringing smoked, smooth, chocolate and peaty malt tastes to the breweries portfolio. Each beer having a very considered  mixture to bring out the flavours the brewer wanted.
If you have never tried a Ramsgate beer, what has kept you? You don't know what you are missing, so get up to the Grove and give them a go. Or go one better and try them in Kent in their own backyard.

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