Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fernandes Festival

Tomorrow sees the start of the Fernandes beer festival in Wakefield. A bit different to many festivals i attend though, this one promises over 20 beers brewed on the premises. A sight of the list shows beers old and new, strong and weak, light and dark, something brewed by Fernandes to suit each and every taste. 

It goes from the 27th through till Sunday 29th at their Brewery Tap in Avison Yard. Seems a good excuse to get out and about again !


Coco Page said...

The Fernandes Beer Festival is one of the best festivals that I surely won't dare miss. Their beers are the great!

Anonymous said...

13 Fernandes beers on the bar at once on Friday night, and all stunning quality. There is something for everyone, but I particularly recommend the Rauchbier and the Great Northern. Off back there now!

Paul (Ossett Head Brewer)