Tuesday, March 13, 2012

'Spoons festival starts tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the start of Wetherspoons spring ale festival, going on until Sunday 1st April. I have written before about their festivals and this one has taken the same format as the previous ones. Briefly, there are 50 beers available, some old favourites, some new, during the course of the festival. Not all on the bar at once, but on the handpumps at their pubs, so hopefully every pub should have each beer on at least once.  There is also a selection of beers brewed by foreign brewers on British brewers plants to give us a taste of what other countries have to offer. I have yet to see a full beer list so details of what is about is a little sketchy.

It is a good excuse to get out and about a bit, especially in West Yorkshire where it seems every town has at least one outlet, and some even more. A Day Rover and a bit of planning can get you to all sorts of places that you never normally think of going.

If you tend to avoid the Cherry Tree, call in. It has been refurbished, new carpets, fresh paint work and a general spruce up has given it a cleaner, fresher feel and makes it quite a pleasant place to have a pint. .


Cooking Lager said...

I've been to these spoons festivals, I think I like them.

The grog is about a quid a pint cheaper than CAMRA festivals.

There are other drinks on sale for the squeeze, like wine.

The food is cheaper, nicer and comes on plates instead of chippy trays.

You get a clean glass with each drink and no one tries to sell you a glass for 2 quid with an advert for some local shop on.

It's free to get in.

There is a programme telling you about the beers which is free.

There are no bearded twats talking shite loudly about lager.

More of this sort of thing.

Tandleman said...

You've sold it to me Cookie. I'm in like a rat up a pipe tomorrow. Big launch in Bury and I'm invited!

Anonymous said...

Met some splendid chaps at a Spoonfest once. In between showing off their tattoos, they introduced me to a choice beverage called smoothflow. Admittedly my pint tasted as if it had already passed through someone's bowels; but I am sure I was just unlucky.

Their orange girlfriends were also a lot of fun. One tip though. Don't ask if their skin tone is due to some rare medical condition. I did, and the unfortunate young lady was so distressed she accidentally kneed me in the groin.

In the facilities a young fellow asked if I liked Draw. Told him I was more of a Blur man. Bluffing of course. Don't understand any of this newfangled hop hip music.

Managed at some stage to lose my wallet. Clumsy me. Even so it was a spiffing evening. Waved goodbye to my new chums as the solicitous doormen were generously helping them to find the exit.

Innocent Abroad