Monday, March 05, 2012

Something for the weekend

If you keep an eye on the left hand side of 'A Swift One' you may have noticed our beer festival guide, you haven't, why not ?. This week shows three of the best pub festivals about, in three of my favourite pubs. There are a couple in Sheffield, at the New Barrack Tavern, and the Kelham Island Tavern, and one in Brighouse at The Ship Inn. The Kelham should be starting on Wednesday, the other two on Thursday. From previous experience all should be worth a call if you have the time to spare. Hope to see you there.    

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wee beefy said...

Thanks for the New Barrack nod - was planning on a Friday trip to Kelham but may have to reconsider if there is a Barracks fest on as well.

Proves the point of your widegt, since I had no idea the NBT was planning a festival. WB.