Monday, March 05, 2012

A Musical Bar !

Yesterday, the bar in the Star took on the look of a whos whos and whats whats in music, providing the customers with plenty of opportunity to air their knowledge of musical trivia and drink some decent beer in the process.
The most obvious, even for me, was a beer from Robinsons, created with the help of their home town band Elbow, and named after their album 'Build a Rocket Boys'. It was easy to get the musical connection, the pump clip was a CD ! Next on the bar was another Lancashire beer, this time Brightside 'The Beast'. A little more obscure here, but lovers of American Hip Hop music, (and aren't we all !) will be well aware of this this band. Even though the pump clip showed a cat.

Next up was 'Five' from the Bristol Beer Factory, who were an English boy band from the 1990's, and Glentworth 'Spellbound' which I was reliably informed by experts of this genre, was a song recorded by the punk band Siouxie and the Banshees. Pictish 'Black'  followed, another obscure American band and finally a beer from Five Towns '65'. Not a musicial connection here you may think, until a look at the pump clip gave a hint. The strap line at the bottom of the clip read 'A Tad Insane' and the clip itself had a version of Bowie's famous lightning bolt from the album cover 'Aladdin Sane', get the connection now !

So there you are, how to theme an afternoon's drinking, without really trying.          


Neil Harvey said...

Tim - Spellbound was also a live album by Uriah Heep!!

Timbo said...

Thanks Neil...should have guessed there would be some Heep connection somewhere..!!!!