Thursday, March 01, 2012

Is 2012 the year of the amber beer ?

I think we would all agree that beer is a very subjective matter, what one person likes, another dislikes. The dark beer lover is not necessarily a fan of light beer, or vice versa but generally we all manage to find a beer on a bar we enjoy provided the bar has a decent selection to choose from. And in recent times, there has been a plethora of new beers from new breweries that would suit every taste. That was until this year. 

Maybe I have just been unlucky, or may be there is a more deep rooted reason why most of the beer I have sampled from new breweries since the turn of the year have been amber coloured, and tended towards the more malty rather than hoppy. Of course not every beer has been amber, those from older, more established breweries have been hoppy and light, the way I prefer them, or dark, but there are certainly more amber beers around than I have seen in the past. Is this just a change in style ? The shape of things to come ? 

A check of a the price list for hops may provide an answer. If they are actually available then some of the prices for hops have increased, and maybe they have become too expensive for newer breweries to use to experiment before they actually become established. Have the newer breweries got ideas to brew beers full of hops but just cannot get the necessary supplies ? Is the answer for them to brew more malty beers, more amber coloured beers ?

To tell the truth I do not know the definitive answer. Maybe I have just been unfortunate in my choice of breweries, after all, as I have said, older breweries still manage to make hoppy beers. I am sure time will tell, and I am sure that some will be happy with the move away from light, hoppy beers. Unfortunately, I am not one of them, and the thought of a bar full of amber beers does not fill me with joy. If anyone out there knows of a new brewery who is brewing light, hoppy beers please let me know so I know where to start at the next festival.    

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