Sunday, March 18, 2012

Galaxy - another hop off

As readers will have realised, one of the things that the editorial team enjoy is a good 'Hop off'. This time we had the chance to sample two very different beer brewed with Galaxy hops, and both brewed in Yorkshire. The contenders were Two Roses 'Galaxy'. a single hopped 4.0% offering, and Mallinsons 'Galaxy', again single hopped and 3.9%.

The hop is an Australian variety, which seems to have become popular in Britain last year, although it has been around since the 1990's in its native land. High in alpha acid, and bringing citrus and passion fruit hints to the beer, it brings a unique flavour to the beer.

But what of our 'Hop Off'. It certainly divided opinion. some liked the Mallinsons, with its more assertive hop character, but for my taste the background flavours seemed to overshadow the hop to some degree, and the finish was tarter than the other. However, I cannot deny that the beer certainly satisfied the hop monsters amongst us. I preferred the Two Roses offering. which I found brought out a more balanced hop taste, and seemed more subtle, giving the chance for the hop to  show its true character.

So there you have it. Both were excellent beers, and had either been on the bar individually,I would have happily spent all evening on it. Just goes to show what two superb breweries can do with an interesting new hop, lets have more of it !

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