Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Minimum pricing - the shape of things to come ?

I have heard, although seen nothing official to confirm it, that one of Yorkshire's councils has finally bitten the bullet and imposed a minimum pricing policy for beer across the pubs within their jurisdiction. Is this a case of where one goes, the rest will follow ?

As of yesterday, all pubs or bars in Doncaster, will be selling their drinks at a minimum of £1.20. Obviously a bargain if this is a pint, but not so good if the pub sells thirds or halves. Presumably this is an effort to prevent binge drinking but again seems to hit at the wrong people, and takes the initiative away from publicans to charge what they want. Let's hope its not the shape of things to come.        


Curmudgeon said...

Undoubtedly illegal, and I'm sure there's a precedent on this.

My local Sam Smith's pub is selling keg mild for £1.18 a pint!

Festa said...

I would pay £1.18 not to drink a pint of SS keg Mild1

Fishter said...

If this was in Scotland it would mean a minimum price of £3.60 per pint as multiple-discounting is illegal.

Not sure it's a good thing!