Monday, January 30, 2012

Its a Revelation - its Dark Star !

One of the breweries that has featured quite regularly in the recent past on 'A Swift One' is Dark Star from Sussex. We are lucky in Huddersfield in having the Grove, which has a dedicated pump for their beers, so we have a chance to sample plenty of their range. And as I have said before, the range is pretty good, covering every style of beer imaginable and some you cannot.

The most recent addition to the core beer range is 'Revelation', and quite a revelation it was when I found it on Sunday. It was only released earlier this month, so this was my first chance to sample it. It is a light coloured beer at 5.7% and contains 4 different types of hops; Centennial, Liberty, Citra and Cascade, then  dry hopped. Maris Otter pale malt provides the background. It sounded good and it did not disappoint. A beautifully rounded beer, with plenty of  balanced flavour and dangerously drinking nowhere near its strength.

When I read the hops listed I thought one would come to the fore in the taste, but that was not the case, all  blended together to create interesting tropical fruit flavours both in the nose and on the palette. Certainly one of my beers of the year so far. And with it being one of the core range of beers it should be available all the year round, both in cask and keg. At its strength, it fits perfectly into the brewery portfolio. So if you are unfortunate enough to miss it this time, no doubt there will be plenty of other chances to sample it.        

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Bailey said...

Heard a barman describe this as "Dark Star's Jaipur". Hope Hophead isn't going anywhere!