Saturday, December 03, 2011

What of 'Rock Star' ?

It is not uncommon these days for breweries to collaborate to produce beer, in recent times I have come across Marble, Ramsgate and Brew Dog, doing so, to name but three. This week the collaboration between Dark Star and Magic Rock, aptly named 'Rock Star' was launched. I had chance to sample some at The Grove, so how was it.

The blurb on the website says it is a 'American Brown Ale' both malty and hoppy giving aromas of lemongrass, strawberry and pine giving a background  flavour of hazelnut, caramel and summer berries, 'balanced, moreish and crisply classy'. It is certainly not a beer for the faint hearted, being 7%, but I was, to be frank, a little disappointed. I got some of the flavours mentioned above, but I did not think they worked together, I found the hops and fruitiness overshadowed by the maltiness in the brew, and the predominant taste for my pallette was that of the hazelnut. I expected far more of a hop background and this failed to materialise.

To be honest, I was not thrilled by it, which was a shame for the two breweries are two of my favourites. If you want to try ,t, it is on cask, and key keg at The Grove, to give you a chance to compare and contrast the two different types of dispense. I admit, I have based my opinion on the cask version, so may be the key keg version does bring out all the flavour but that will have to wait for another day,.    


Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback Timbo, shame the beer wasn't more to your taste. I was actually concerned the beer is too hoppy so am in a way pleased you got a big malt charachter. We've had a lot of positive feedback on the beer so will likely brew it again maybe with the odd tweak. Cheers

Mallinsons Brewing Co said...

We really loved it! A brown ale should have a lot of malt character and we loved the huge hoppiness overlying it! We preferred the keg, just because there was more hop and less malt, but again that is an issue of personal taste. A great beer!

Timbo said...

Have tried the key keg and it does have more hop character to it..dare I say I prefer it to the cask version..

Festa said...

Tried a half of the keg version last night and I thought it was really good - shall be sampling more this Friday without the restraint of an automobile. Too strong for the residents of Armitage Bridge though.