Monday, December 19, 2011

Saltaire Brewery

One of the most successful breweries in Yorkshire at the moment, although one we rarely see in our part of the world, is Saltaire. They are actually based in Shipley, rather than Saltaire, which is just up the road admittedly and were established in 2005, brewing on a 20bbl plant.

The brewery only uses local malts and full hop flowers in their brewing process, brewing a wide range of regular beers and specials. The ones I see about most often are their 'blonde' beers. 'Saltaire Blonde' is the 'straight' version, brewed with a mixture of German and Czech hops, at 4.0%. However, it is not uncommon to find their fruity or flowery beers, 'Elderflower Blonde' is a wonderfully aromatic summer beer, infused with delicate elderflowers, and 'Raspberry Blonde' likewise with a subtle raspberry flavour. On the dark side comes 'Cascadian Black', which the brewery call a black IPA, but I think of it more as a stout with the underlying taste from the cascade hops blending with the roasted flavour imparted by the malts.

I am more interested in their range of specials though. In the recent past I have encountered 'Trio', with citric bitterness coming from a flavour of three American hops, 'South Island Pale, 3.5% and using New Zealand hops, and 'Stateside IPA', a 6% beer, using Centennial, Cascade and Amarillo hops to impart a massive hop hit in a flavoursome IPA.

The beers that they are really remembered for though are two of my least favourite in their range (as regular readers know I am not really a fan of coffee or chocolate in beer), but I cannot deny they certainly do what they say on the tin. 'Hazelnut Coffee Porter' is 4.6%, rammed with nutty and coffee flavours, and if chocolate is your thing I have never found a more chocolatey beer than their 'Triple Chocoholic' made with chocolate malt, chocolate syrup and real chocolate. It even comes in bottles. Both are award winning beers with Chocoholic being SIBA's 2010 Supreme Champion Beer.

Locally, as I said they are not the easiest beers to track down, may be the best bet is the Cherry Tree, but trip across to Shipley and you will find plenty. Or call down at the brewery and pick up some bottles.


Neil Harvey said...

Tim - Triple Chocoholic was on in Brambles when I went to see Uriah Heep in Holmfirth. My idea of heaven!!!

Jibber said...

For those of you brave enough to leave the cosy confines of Kirklees, get yourself across to the brewery itself on the last Friday of every month. They have a beer club, showcasing their own beers and also a few guests and ciders. All £2 a pint. Doors open at 4pm. Currently it's a ticket only event due to its popularity. You can get tickets from the brewery (£4 with two free pints) or on the door (on a first come first served basis, so get there at 4!).

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the Hazelnut & Coffee Porter for a while. A truly fantastic beer especially at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

I agree when they brew beer it can be really lovely, it ceases to be beer for me , however when syrups and silliness are injected. A differentg matter altogether if real fruits were used though but alas i fear this is not the case here.