Thursday, December 29, 2011

American Pale gets even Hoppier

Yesterday a new Dark Star beer appeared on the bar at the Grove, nothing unusual about that you may say, they do turn over regularly, and had it not been for Will's eagle eye, (note the bird connection ?), it was one that would have passed me by. 'American Pale Ale' is fairly often seen there, so I have had it on several occasions, but the little green logo, 'Harvest Hop' was new to me, and what a difference it made.

The regular beer is 4.7% and does what it says, it is a pale ale, crammed with American hops. This time the beer had been brewed with fresh Chinook and Centennial hops, airfrieghted from the USA. It gave the beer a wonderful aroma, full of freshness and hop character, and a clean, sharp taste. The original APA is an excellent beer in its own right but the use of fresh hops takes it to a new dimension. My intention of a quick half soon expanded into three times that amount it was so good.

So if you do see APA on a bar, just check the clip for the small green logo, you may be in for one of the beers of the year.  


The Beer Wrangler said...

Fresh Hopped beer is gathering a big following where I am. (British Columbia, Canada)Driftwood Brewery kicked it off with Sartori Harvest and set the standard awfully high. Phillips Brewing and others followed suit with IPAs and North American Pale Ales that have been fresh hopped. (my review on Sartori Harvest here)
The Pacific northwest (Oregon, Washington & British Columbia) produce great hops and American and Canadian breweries in this part of the world are leading the way with this exciting style of beer
It is something that i would love to see British breweries do the same

Anonymous said...

IT has been done in the UK (dark star are one of ours) and locally Ilkley, Ossett and possibly salamander have done green hop beers using British hop varieties. MMMM Fresh!