Friday, November 18, 2011

Slaithwaite Moonraker Festival

This weekend sees the annual Moonraker Festival at Slaithwaite. It will be on Friday from 6pm and all day Saturday starting at noon at the Slaithwaite Conservative Club on Britannia Road. If previous festivals there are anything to go by it is a good place to while away a few hours in good company with a good selection of beers to choose from.

This year their provisional beer list shows plenty of interesting stuff. With beers from near and far, there should be something for everyone's taste. Local breweries, Magic Rock, Riverhead, Milltown, Empire and Golcar are all making appearances along with Fuzzy Duck and Robinsons from the other side of the Pennines. From further afield there are beers from Dorset Piddle, Goffs, Tring, and Oxfordshire. There is also a chance to sample the 'Curious NZ' from Magic Rock and even a rare barrel of Halifax Steam 'Jamaica Ginger' that has  escaped the brewery. Seems like a chance not to be missed.

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