Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Farewell Innspeak

One of the things that you could be confident of finding lying about in local pubs was a copy of 'Innspeak', the little magazine that was full of tit-bits of beer, quizzes, jokes and reviews. I had not seen one about for a couple of months admittedly, and when I discovered one in a local pub hidden under a pile of other stuff it explained why.

Sadly due to the editor John Gray's ill health he has had to stop publishing it, September's being the last issue. It first came out in September 1993 in a newspaper style and lately has been a glossy A5 magazine. I, for one, will miss it. Thanks to John for all his efforts over the years. Just hope some one else sees fit to take up his mantle.

However - just as I find a copy saying that the September issue will be the last one, I get an e mail from the 'Bloke from Hull' telling me that he is reading the November issue. Seems that the demise of Innspeak may have been premature, will keep you posted.   
Seems I was wrong, I have just got my hands on the November issue, so despite rumours to the contrary it seems to be going strong. Long may it continue !


Tandleman said...

Yes - echoed. A mate from the pub used to bring me one when it came out. I noted that the September one would be the last. Shame.

The Ale Louse said...

Went off it after it became less absorbent.

Anonymous said...

The apparently popular 'Star at the Bar' feature drew readers, but was too often laden with chauvinistic undercurrents.
Did every 'barmaid' under 35 have to be referred to as 'attractive', for goodness sake?
Let's keep such crude sexism out of our movement!