Monday, October 03, 2011

Wetherspoons Festival Starts

Wednesday sees the start of another Wetherspoons beer festival, which runs in all of their pubs until the 23rd October. The format is the usual tried and tested one, with their festival beers just replacing the beers usually on the bar, so all are cellar cooled and handpulled. The beer range is about 50, and covers every strength and style, so somewhere amongst the list there should be a beer for everyone - the problem is finding it!

Locally we have 'The Cherry Tree' with its 10 pumps, and the 'Lord Wilson' with its 3, but if you feel adventurous why not jump on a bus or a train and see what is on offer further afield. Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester all boast several outlets, all within easy walking distance of each other. Brighouse has the 'Richard Oastler', which in my opinion is one of their better pubs, both for beer range and quality, and for the building itself. Halifax has one too, and there are a couple in Bradford so there are plenty of chances to hunt down the beers you want.

The breweries represented are varied as well, and again some foreign brewers have come to our shores to brew their favourites on British plants. Some of the breweries are rarely seen in our part of the world, Brains, Wadworth, and Mordue for example; others are more common, Roosters and Moorhouses spring to mind but most of the beers are specially brewed for the festival, or are those more usually bottled.

So, if you get the chance, get out and about and see what you can find, who knows, you may even become a 'ticker' !  

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Saga Of Nails said...

But I like pubs with some kind of atmosphere, where the people are not all just scowling into their cheap pints. Remember them ? They're disappearing quickly.