Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sheps Festival this Weekend

A local festival that seems to have slipped under the radar opens this Thursday (27th) and runs through till Monday (31st) at The Shepherds Boy, on Huddersfield Road, Dewsbury. Thanks to 'Bloke from Hull', firstly for reminding me about it and secondly for providing a preview of the list.

If you don't know it, the pub is one of the Ossett chain, and stands by itself on Huddersfield Road, about half a mile from Dewsbury centre and is well served by bus if you don't fancy the walk. It is worth a call at any time, but the additional beers added for this festival makes it even more appealing.

The beer list is very Yorkshire biased, only two coming from over the border to break the monopoly, and is a mixture of old and new. No new breweries but plenty of beers to suit every taste. It promises the first appearance of the new Rat beer, 'Ratcatcher', and seasonals from Bradfield, Phoenix, Dr Mortons and Revolutions, (Bradfield 'Poppy Ale', is the best beer they brew in my opinion), and plenty of other old favourites to whet the appetite. It is well worth an afternoon of anyone's time to call and check out.      

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Will said...

Dr Mortons Famous Corpse Nailer (putting paid to perishing zombies) did it for me.